BM TRACTORS has a long experience in the construction of farm and industrial tractors that continuously reaffirm its excellent position and reputation in the market as a technically innovative company.



The know-how achieved in the design and manufacture of an all-in-one tractor contributes to making BM TRACTORS a leader in the global industry, thanks to its high quality and strong price competitiveness. Their goal is to continuously improve their understanding of market demands, and anticipate the expectations in terms of the evolution of products and services.

Better 175

Italian Made and Sierra Tested, the better 175 comes fully equipped with:

  • Tier 4 Final Engine – Cleanest engine on the market
  • 4 Equal Steering Wheels – No turn is too tight or curve too awkward for this machine!
  • 360° Cabin Views – Keep your operators safe and out of accidents

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Better 175

The greenest running machine in municipal maintenance. Click below to learn more about the vehicle that delivers leading-edge performance across all seasons and operational parameters.


The Better 175 has multiple attachments to enhance the year-round performance of your tractor. Please contact us to determine which attachment is best for your snow removal or landscaping needs.


Check out our gallery to see our fleet of Better 175’s in action. With the challenging conditions in the sierras, we have the experience to recommend the best BM Tractor package to meet your needs.

“We operated the Better 175 during a record breaking winter in our snow removal operations and it is worth every penny. Fantastic safety features and operator comfort. Put a SnowWolf on it and cut your operations time in half!”

– Jaime Waltman Legare, Owner

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